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Hello and Welcome to the ColinkMarketing Web Blogpages.

This website will follow my journey into ecommerce and running my own websites and ecommerce stores. It will cover how I started and some of the pitfuls I have came across on the way.

I will cover the following


My Thoughts and ideas




Wooden Watches



Amazon Affiliates

Facebook Shop

Facebook Ads


Google Ads

You Tube Videos


Slow Website


Changing Hosts and Why

Image Optimisation

WordPress Plugins

The cheapest and most cost effective and speedy website I could create for Free

The Way Forward

Its been quite eventful and with this blogpost I home to help others who may be thinking about starting up a website and create some links to useful resources and other information that I have gathered on my journey ..

Hope you enjoy my blog . and if you have any comments please add them . I read all comments and dont track ip addresses . Feel free to leave a message at the contacts page if you need any further information.

My First Blog coming soon…….. Thomas Craig Galloway